Tryout Registration for 2020-2021 UCFC Teams is now open

UCFC Tryouts – 2020 / 2021 Season

Note Regarding Tryouts:

On Friday 5/29, Governor Murphy announced that youth sports are alllowed to return effective June 22nd. There will be, however, many restrictions in place that will make it impossible to run effective tryouts right away. Based on this, we have decided to cancel our tryouts scheduled for mid-June. We do encourage all interested players to sign up for tryouts as this will allow us to communicate our plans with you moving forward.  As soon as we are allowed to go out in lasrger groups, we will seek to invite interested players to come out as well. 

When dates are posted; if you are not able to attend the date(s) listed please contact us in advance. 

In the case that tryouts are postponed or canceled we will contact all registered players and inform them of our plans to evaluate them at a later date.

The below grid will clearly show when and where these tryouts will be held. Anyone interested in participating should register through the registration section of the UCFC website. Although it is not mandatory to attend both tryouts, attending more than 1 tryout will give every player the opportunity to showcase themselves more than once in front of the UCFC staff.

Open Training Sessions - Join Virtually!

Can't make a tryout, or simply want to find out what a typical training session is like at UCFC? You're in luck! All of our virtual training sessions will be "open". All you have to do is contact us to be connected with the appropriate Team Coach. From there, we can arrange for which session(s) specifically you would like to attend.

Click here to register for tryouts now!

Gender Age Group Year of Birth Date Time Location
Girls Rising U12's 2009     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U12's 2009     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U12's 2009     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U12's 2009     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U13's 2008     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U13's 2008     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U13's 2008     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U13's 2008     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U14's 2007     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U14's 2007     Garwood
Boys Rising U14's 2007     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U15's 2006     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U15's 2006     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U16's 2005     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U16's 2005     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U17's 2004     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U17's 2004     Garwood
Girls Rising U19's 2003     Wardlaw
Girls Rising U19's 2002     Wardlaw
Boys Rising U19's 2003     Garwood
Boys Rising U19's 2002     Garwood


Have questions? You can reach out to our Tryout Director, Dan Severn.