Program History

Union County Football Club was formed in 2001 to provide the most talented and committed soccer players in Union County and the surrounding areas to play at the highest level possible. Teams are made up of players from Union, Middlesex, Somerset, Morris and Essex Counties. Through quality training and high level competition we aim to develop our soccer players both on and off the field to prepare them for high school, college and beyond.


Training Staff

Training and coaching for all UCFC Teams is done by professional trainers with playing and coaching experience in the US, Europe, South America and/or Central America. All trainers are carefully selected to ensure quality in training and professional guidance for players on and off the field. For more information on our trainers, their experience and credentials please check the bio pages of our staff on this website.


UCFC Development Philosophy

The training curriculum is outlined by the Director of Coaching for UCFC in line with the UCFC Development Philosophy. The UCFC program aims to develop a positive style of possession soccer. Teams look to build up from the back; control the pace and rhythm of the game and we want to develop and foster creativity on and off the ball. We look to develop players who are technically comfortable on the ball, tactically confident and capable of making decisions on and off the ball.

We believe that winning definitely has a part in the development of our players and teams, but the focus is heavily on the process. With a heavy focus on the outcome, the needs of players are too often sacrificed. We do understand when developing the right style of play that there is a chance we might lose some games. Mistakes are a part of the learning process. As a program we know that this will outweigh what the players and team will gain in the long run.  Winning games will be a positive byproduct of the development players have gone through under the guidance of the UCFC staff.

“Success should be measured by demonstrated and documented improvement of each individual (not results). The role of a youth trainer is to improve the skills and habits of each and every footballer in his or her charge. Ironically, if they improve each player, team results improve.”

Johan Cruyff
(former player and coach of AFC Ajax and FC Barcelona)


Forming of Teams/ Commitment

Teams are formed at the beginning of U12 for both boys and girls and continue all the way through U20/U23. Tryouts are held annually in the early Spring with the U12-U14 beginning play in late August. All U15-U18 teams will start late Fall as the high school season wraps up.  The UCFC teams regularly play in US Youth National League EDP, or NJYS.

The UCFC program is designed for highly committed and motivated players who make soccer their number one extracurricular commitment.  While we encourage players to play other sports, especially at the younger ages, each player is expected to prioritize their UCFC obligations over other sports or activities in the Fall and Spring seasons.