Advanced Technical Training Program

FC Premier Middle School Teams: Boys and Girls U12-U14

Advanced Technical Training Program

Starting this fall, FC Premier (FCP) will be offering to all of our Middle School players (Boys and Girls U12-U14) the opportunity to take part in an ‘Advanced Technical Training Program’.

Under the guidance of Ruben Vloedgraven, Director of Coaching at FCP, this program will provide our current FCP players the chance to develop their own game by aiming to maximize touches on the ball and improve functional ability within the game environment through progressive training methods. 

By attending these sessions, players can expect to improve their:

  •  Confidence on the ball
  •  Decision making
  •  Technical ability
  •  Tactical awareness and game intelligence
  •  All around speed of play
  •  Speed, agility and quickness 

In addition to the technical soccer training, players can also expect to take part in soccer specific speed and agility exercises (SAQ).

All sessions will be 90 minutes long and will run on a Friday evening from 6.30-8pm for 8 consecutive weeks starting September 18th. Any questions should be directed to Ruben at  

Registration is open - click here to register now!