FC Premier Appoints 3 New Trainers

FC Premier Appoints 3 New Trainers

The FC Premier program continues to develop and grow. The program recently committed to EDP as an ALL IN program to provide all teams with the opportunity to play at a level that best suits them. Next year the program will field at least 12 teams for the 2015/2016 season and an U20 men’s team for the summer of 2016.  To continue to elevate the standard of coaching, training and play we work hard to bring in highly qualified and experienced trainers/coaches.

FC Premier coaches are highly qualified, have a good understanding of the game, have experience as a coach in the US, Europe, Central America and/or South America and are driven and continue to look for ways to grow and develop themselves as coaches as well. All training is done in line with the FC Premier Development philosophy. We understand that in order for our teams to be successful that our players need to grow and develop as players on and off the field. The focus of all our trainers is therefor on the development of our players. We emphasize the process and understand that players need to be given the time to become better players.

We are very proud to announce that the FC Premier program is able to bring in 3 highly qualified and experienced trainers who will become a part of the FC Premier staff for the 2015/2016. Eric Shaw, Michael Jeffery and Alejandro Jimenez will all be added the FC Premier staff. All 3 of them are educators of the game who have a wealth of experience training, coaching and playing the game.

Eric Shaw has over 20 years of experience coaching players at various levels. He holds credentials from the NSCAA and USSF. Eric is also an experienced physical education teacher in the Union school system. As a player Eric played at the collegiate level for Seton Hall and played for various semi pro teams in New Jersey. We are very excited to bring in Eric with all the experience he has and his knowledge of the game.


Alejandro Jimenez played professionally in the US and Mexico before becoming a coach. He played for the NY/NJ Metrostars in the MLS, Toluca in Mexico and represented Mexico at the U17 level. Alejandro holds credentials from the Mexican soccer federation, the USSF and various other federations around the world. Before moving back to the States, Alejandro was the Director of Coaching for a major academy in Mexico. Alejandro brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as a coach that we are happy to utilize to continue to develop our FC Premier program.


Michael Jeffery has coached both in the England and the US. Before moving to the States he worked as a coach for AFC Bournemouth in his native England. He holds credentials from the English FA, the NSCAA and USSF. Michael has trained and coached in New Jersey for the last 9 years working for Soccer Domain and most recently with Matchfit. Through his experience he has developed a good knowledge of youth soccer in New Jersey and we are very fortunate to add him to our FC Premier staff.