Strength and Conditioning

The UCFC Winter Strength & Conditioning program is focused on the development of soccer-specific fitness in our players. The 3 main focus areas for the program are:
  • Speed & Agility
  • Coordination, balance, and reactions
  • Injury prevention

The benefits of improvements in these areas of fitness are numerous. Ultimately, we are aiming for players to be more dynamic in their movements, improve their strength & balance when challenging for and protecting the ball, recover quickly from periods of maximum effort, and help to both prevent and recover from injury quickly.

Exercises are age & ability appropriate, often integrated with a ball, and with the most up to date & best practices in mind.

The program includes specific injury prevention techniques targeted towards the most common soccer Injuries (ankle, knee, calf, hamstring) as well as movement preparation & recovery - helping to ensure all players are able to perform consistently at their best level.

Players have been tested periodically throughout the season to measure for improvements in their physical performance and to aid in the ongoing evolution and development of the program.

Check with your Head Coach or Team Manager for schedules.