4 Basics of College Recruitment

Attitude, Public Image, First Contact, Academics

Attitude - Any potential recruit must fit into the program, the style of play and as a character in the locker room. During a busy season, a coach must be able to trust to their players meaning some coaches analyze a prospect’s personality as much as their monitor their talent. 

Public Image - Athletes represent their university so good behavior is a prerequisite. Building a comprehensive picture of each player is essential for a coach, this can include checking social media accounts. Maintaining a level of professionalism at all times will improve the image any prospect in a coach’s eye. Some basic advice to any potential recruit would be to always remember who may be watching you in person and online.  

First Contact - A letter to a coach is a good way to begin a dialogue. However, coaches get hundreds of letters and emails asking them to scout players so making them stand out is essential. Sometimes, a potential prospect who can showcase their talents in unique ways such as video highlights stands out above the rest. A good highlight video allows a coach to quickly assess a player so they determine that player would fit into their team.

Academics - Academics are an important aspect of any college’s recruitment model. With limited athletic scholarships, academic performance may open the door to other forms of funding. Academic performance can indicate a prospect’s capability to manage the rigors of day-to-day competitive soccer alongside their studies.