Chapter 1: Selecting a college

Selecting a college

Your first consideration must be academic!

Fields of study

  • Identify your general and specific interest
  • Do you prefer a research institute or one committed to undergraduates’ studies?
  • Do you prefer innovative or traditional, structured programs?

College size

  • Do you want a broad range of activities (IE large schools offer more)?
  • Do you require a broad range of courses or specialized courses?
  • Are graduate students acceptable as instructors in lower level of course?
  • Do you prefer a big-name program?


  • Would you like to be close to home?
  • Do you prefer a rural or urban campus?
  • Do you prefer a specific climate?
  • Do you wish to play in a particular conference?

College environment

  • Do you prefer a particular religious affiliation?
  • Conservative or liberal environment?
  • Co-ed or single sex institution?
  • Private or state university?
  • Are sororities and fraternities important?

Establish a list of 10-15 schools/institutes that meet YOUR individual needs.

Now consider the soccer program

Identify your skills

  • What are your strengths?
  • Is your style of play compatible with the program you are interested in?
  • What is your potential going to contribute to the program and when?

Identify potential colleges

  • Can you be competitive at the collegiate level of play?
  • Competitiveness of the schedule?
  • Chance of making the team?
  • Potential of playing time the first year?
  • Competence and personality of coach?

Of the schools identified to meet your academic needs, identify 7-10 schools that meet both your academic and athletic requirements.

Chapter 2: Recruitment