UCFC College Recruitment Guide

The UCFC program has been very successful in attracting the type of committed players who are always looking to further their soccer development and many of these same players would like to play competitive soccer beyond high school.  Given the list of alumni that went on to play in college, UCFC has a proven record of developing players that are able to continue playing after graduation.  That being said, finding the right school to get the education you desire should be the #1 priority.  It can be very rewarding to play a sport at the collegiate level, but you should select a school that fits your academic and personal needs.  Going to college and pursuing a degree that will hopefully serve you well the rest of your professional life is the ultimate goal!

For anyone new to the process of college recruitment, the road ahead can be very confusing and the amount of information available can be overwhelming.  The articles and info on our website is meant to make this process less daunting and will provide some basic guidelines that everyone will find useful as they get started.  It is important to note that every prospective student athlete has different needs, but by asking yourself some very basic questions any prospective student athletes can determine the right path for him or her.

UCFC aims to support our college bound players and hopefully you will find this guide useful.  Please do not hesitate to seek out your UCFC coach, the UCFC staff, and/or administrators if you need additional help. Our staff includes former collegiate soccer players who have gone through the process themselves and can be of tremendous value along the way.  

Thank you and good luck!