One Vision. One Club.

One Vision. One Club.

Tryout Dates

2021 Tryout Dates

Please find below a list of tryout dates for each of our teams. If you are interested in trying out you must register. In addition players are required to complete the COVID-19 health screen on the day of their tryout and prior to arriving at the field. If the player has been cleared to play a green "go" icon will be displayed which must be presented to the club official upon checking in. 


Register For Tryouts

Health Questionnaire

Come and train with us!

If you are interested in joining our existing group of players for a training session please contact Daniel Severn to arrange a suitable time. 


2010 Apr-22 THUR 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2010 Apr-28 WED 6:30-8pm Wardlaw 
2009 Apr-22 THUR 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2009 Apr-27 TUE 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2008 Apr-20 TUE 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2007 Apr-22 THUR 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2006 Apr-19 MON 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2005 Apr-19 MON 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
03/04 Apr-20 TUE 8-9:30pm Wardlaw



2010 Apr-21 WED 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2010 Apr-28 WED 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2009 Apr-21 WED 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2009 Apr-26 MON 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2008 Apr-26 MON 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2007 Apr-21 WED 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2007 Apr-21 WED 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2006 Apr-29 THUR 6:30-8pm Wardlaw
2005 Apr-29 THUR 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
2004 Apr-28 WED 8-9:30pm Wardlaw
03/04 Apr-28 WED 8-9:30pm Wardlaw


Field Address: Wardlaw Hartidge High School, 1295 Inman Ave, Edison, NJ 08820

Please reach out to Daniel Severn if you have any questions regarding tryouts or have interest in attending upcoming training sessions.

For additional information or general questions about UCFC, please contact our Director of Coaching, Ruben Vloedgraven


Town Hall For Incoming U12's

Town Hall / Club Information Night

This presentation is to provide anyone interested in our UCFC program with more information on the following:

Program history
Our training staff
The forming of UCFC teams
Expectations of players in the program
UCFC development philosophy
UCFC program outline

This event is especially worthwhile for the current 2010 boys and girls (incoming U12's) who are interested in the UCFC program and plan to try out.